Textile Trade Shows

textile trade show

Textile trade shows, a fashion network for industrial companies

Textile trade shows are made for all companies that design, develop and make products for textile sectors (garments, fabrics, machinery, etc…). Designers, engineers, production managers, purchasing managers and directors meet at this show to know or see the most updated services for the textile industry. Every company interested in improving its production must attend these shows and conferences.

Usually these types of shows are not open to the public and only company representatives or the press are allowed to attend them. Trade shows were created to find new customers and/or vendors in order to increase their business; this is also a low cost way of getting sales.

It is highly recommended to plan your show schedule ahead and to obtain a map of the exposition floor and make notes of the cubicles you would like to visit. The most important is to know which companies are exposing so you don’t waste your time talking to the wrong people.

Magic Trade Show is one of the top trade shows in the US with over 40 countries represented. Sourcing at Magic is held in Las Vegas twice a year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Magic is called the network of fashion, a link to the entire global supply chain attracting designers, brands and retailers alike to discover what they need to move their business forward.

For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, to be at Magic is always an opportunity to be ahead in the industry. “I always meet with the best brands in the market; I have made very good deals and also known new vendors and new machinery. My sales and design directors also attend the show to refresh their ideas and we always bring back to México new projects and techniques, that’s what makes Grupo Denim so special on the textile field”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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