Business plan

business plan

Importance of having a business plan

Many people decides to adventure on beginning a type of business, without a plan, which can cause serious trouble that could even get their company directly to failure, so if you would like to start your own business, we will show you how to organize it better.

“It is important to have a business plan settled before you decide to start something new, this will allow you to be prepared for the possible challenges that will need to face since the beginning”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

A business plan is similar to a map; it will let you establish goals, to detail your business’ structure and to operate it correctly, among many other advantages. This plan works for entrepreneurs to document your company before it becomes a reality.

Here are some steps you need to consider to make your business plan.

  • Strategic Planning – You should make the mission and vision of your enterprise, as well as your goals.
  • Analysis – You will also need to make a list of your strengths (every positive aspects of the products or services that your business will offer), opportunities (every external things that can benefit your business) and weakness (all those negative aspects of your business that will depend directly from you as a company and that you will need to improve)
  • Marketing – You need to analyze and segment the possible marketing, this will be a key for your company to succeed.

“When you make your business plan, you need to be clear on what you exactly sell, the benefits you offer to your customers, and the characteristics that define your products or services, that is an excellent way to promote your business with any potential customers”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic. also contains interesting news about the textil and business world.

Properties of linen

Properties of linen

Properties of linen and its different uses

Linen is a natural fabric made with the longest fibers of the linen plant, and its use dates back to thousands of years ago, this fiber has multiple uses at home and on commercial applications. Some of the main producers of linen are France, China, Belgium and Holland.

“Linen is used in many applications nowadays, mainly because it absorbs liquids really fasts, it is a comfortable fiber, and as it does not stretch out too much, it avoids a garment to look worn”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a clothes manufacturer in Mexico.

Among many of the properties of linen we can find durability and abrasion resistance, as it resists twice the force of cotton, which is one of the most resistant fibers. Linen can also absorb tints easily and can be adapted to different manufactured textiles, plus it does not produce static problems.

Linen, on its natural state, can expand from a white color to a taupe one, and weave and textile products made with this fiber are easy to clean in a wash cycle or with dry processes.

Linen has many uses on the manufactured textile products for clothing and other items such as home products.

Due to the absorbance properties of linen, this is a great fiber to produce clothing, it will only feel wet after it has absorbed at least 20% of humidity, and it is also a great heat conductor, which allows the garment to disperse the heat to all of the body, and it dries really fast, which is a reason for buyers to like garments made of this fiber.

“One good advantage of linen is that it has too little elasticity, which allows garments, such as jackets, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses and pants to keep its original shape for a longer time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this fiber.

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Shrink your Jeans

How To Shrink Your Jeans

How To Shrink Your Jeans

Whether you’ve lost weight or your favorite jeans have expanded in all the wrong places, learning how to shrink your jeans can turn a so-so pair into your favorite pair. Jeans will shrink width-wise before they shrink length-wise because of the way the fabric is woven, making it safe to shrink your jeans without fear of making them too short. Here’s everything you need to know about how to shrink your jeans for a perfect fit.

Here’s what you’ll need to shrink your jeans:

  • Washing machine or basin
  • Hot water
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Clothes dryer or pants hanger
  • Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (optional)
  1. Shrink your jeans with a washing machine.  Place your jeans in the washing machine on the smallest cycle and fill with hot water. Stop the cycle before the water drains, and allow the jeans to soak in the hot water for 10 minutes. Repeat this step again with fresh hot water to keep the temperature high.
  2. Shrink your jeans by hand. Fill a basin or your bathtub with 8 inches of boiling water and be careful to avoid splashing. Press the jeans in with a wooden spoon and stir gently to submerge the jeans completely. Allow to soak for 10 minutes, then repeat this step with fresh boiling water to sustain a high temperature.
  3. Shrink your jeans with a clothes dryer. Place the wet jeans in your clothes dryer and select the hottest setting to optimize shrinkage. Even after the jeans are dry, turn the dryer on again for another 15 minutes to increase the heat and shrink your jeans further.
  4. Shrink your jeans naturally. Hang your wet jeans with a pants hanger to dry in the sun or a warm bathroom. After several hours, when the jeans are only moist, put them on and wear them to mold the jeans to your curves. Avoid sitting on white surfaces that your moist jeans might stain.

“There are tricks you can use to shrink your jeans into a perfect fit that custom fits your special curves” said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Shopping malls around the world

shopping malls

Shopping malls around the world and their success

Shopping malls are present on every modern city around the world. These buildings are considered a shopping monuments not only because you can enjoy classic places like movie theaters and restaurants and even if we don’t consider them a vacation destiny, some of them are a real architectonic beauty.

West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada.

Considered the largest mall on North America, and the 10th on the world wide scale. It was opened on September 15, 1981 with a floor area of 490,000 square meters.  This mall has 800 stores and parking lot for 20,000 cars aprox.  There is also a hotel, movie theaters, restaurants, zoo and an inside water park. This mall receives 32.2 million of visitors per year.

Grand Canal Shoppes – Las Vegas, Nevada

Located at the emblematic Vegas, this mall opened its doors on 1999 at the same time as the Venetian Hotel & Casino. There are more than 80 stores like Ann Taylor and Bannana Republic and some exclusive boutiques from famous international designers. On 2007, the building was expanded along with the Palazzo Hotel & Casino. The design of the malls is a true design from the Venice Grand Canal on Italy.

Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This mall is a piece of the complex named Downtown Dubai, with a value of 20 million dollars. This is the largest mall on the entire world, with a 502,000 square meters total floor area. There are over 1,200 stores, 6 floors are for commercial purposes, and 10 floors for entertaining purposes.  On 2012, there were more visitors than the ones that visit New York; 52 million of tourists were the number.

For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a great entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, malls are on some cities a vacation place during the year, especially when people stay at home during these days. “Some people would rather stay at their local cities and enjoy family times at a mall, even when we are at another city and if there’s a mall, we will be there for sure”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal while visiting Las Vegas.


What is the Index?



What is the Index in Mexico?

Index is a private body dedicated to represent the interests and needs of maquiladoras and manufacturer exporting companies in Mexico.

“Organisms like Index are a very important tool for manufacturing enterprises in Mexico, as we are always trying to get consultancies in order to export products abroad in an easy manner and it is great to have an institution like Index to help us doing this”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a manufacturing company in Mexico.

Index represents an 80% total of the labor force of the exporting industry, which is more than 2,250,000 workers in total, who are employed in more than 1,200 exporting enterprises in more than 20 different cities in Mexico.

This shows the importance of the manufacturer industry and exporting companies for Mexico’s economy, as these enterprises create many new job sources for Mexicans, generating profits and attracting new foreign direct invest, but there are some other factors to consider maquiladoras’ industry as one of the most important for the country: it promotes the exporting Mexican industry, create development opportunities with responsibility and integrity, and collaborates with the authorities to have exportations in rule as well as promotes the employee training.

The Index national representation is supported by the local and regional representation through maquiladoras and manufacturing companies, answering to the constant modifications about the Mexican laws at its different levels, by solving any legal uncertainty for enterprises in this sector, which helps them saving operation costs.

“Index has developed their function by working hard to make sure the manufacturing and exporting companies know the regulation in productive and administrative aspects and to advise if they are complying correctly with their obligations with the Mexican government, which is of great help for enterprises like Grupo Denim to have an organization like this in Mexico that comes with information and solutions of the different topics that we are concerned about”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Social networks

Social networks

Importance of social networks nowadays

Social networks have been modified so much that nowadays they perfectly work as an essential tool for communication, personal and professionally, as the enterprises have taken advantage of them to enjoy their benefits.

“We all now use the social networks more than ever, they help us communicating faster with our customers and vendors in different parts of the world”, advised the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Some of the most common social networks nowadays are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin and they have left behind the traditional media, such as radio and television.

In the past, whenever a group of people disagreed on something, they were listened by organizing protest marchs, but nowadays the great difference is that the whole planet can know about it almost immediately using the social networks.

The social networks have also helped on natural disasters, as they warn a population of a hurricane, earthquake, floods and you can easily confirm your state by entering in one of your social networks to contact your relatives, something impossible a few decades ago.

Enterprises are now reporting better results by using the social networks as well, as they are an excellent option to discover new products and to find new offers.

At least an 84% of the online consumers use social networks, and Facebook is the most important one as of today, with an impressive 85%, followed by Twitter.

Marketers also used these networks to find information in an easier way and to help them improving their sales.

“The social networks are nowadays more important than we might think, not only to see what other persons are doing, but it is also a source of information to look for ideas, find new customers and make any business grow up”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Questions about denim

questions about denim

Frequent questions about denim

Denim, a basic textile that must be on all wardrobes has many different options that they seem endless, classic, vintage, purposing, personalized jeans, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, blazers, and the list keeps going, but there are many questions about the denim clothes such as when you should say good-bye to your favorite jeans? Or how can you make your clothes made of denim last for longer? And today we will help you solving your doubts.

“There are more new styles available at every new season with clothes made of different shades of denim, which offers now the final buyer many alternatives to choose the precise styles that meet their natural essence”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some frequent questions about denim and their answers:

Q: What should I never do with my denim clothes?

A: Make sure you never put your denim clothes into a dryer, unless you want them to shrink.

Q: What should I do if my denim clothes get dirty?

A: Spray your garments with a solution made of vinegar and them hang them outside, then put them on the washing machine with a delicate cycle and warm water, that will help you protecting the color.}

Q: How should I make a distressed effect on my jeans?

A: Do not use scissors or cheese grater, use sandpaper instead.

Q: What is the most common mistake when buying jeans?

A: Picking the wrong size, you need to take it easy when going on shopping and try different sizes and fits until you find the perfect pair, remember sizes can change from fits, brands or fabric’s composition.

Q: When should I throw away my jeans?

A: The answer would be, you do not need to, a good pair of jeans is forever as you can turn them into much different type of clothes with the help of a tailor or your imagination.

“A pair of jeans can be personalized, modified or cut and turned into a different garment or accessory, which is what the denim passionate usually does to give their jeans a longer life”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Promoter in a Company

Promoter in a Company

Who is a Promoter in a Company?

A promoter, although the term creates connotations of someone in the building and construction industry, is actually a generic term associated with the person who starts a business. In common parlance, this person is also referred to as the founder of the business.

The founder has various privileges and benefits associated with his status as the person who kick-started the operations. Apart from the obvious financial reward of having the majority of the equity stake in the business, the founder also has legal rights because he / she is typically an executive director in the business, and the promoter or his nominees also control majority of the board.

But let us step back for a moment and understand what the roles and duties of the promoter are, and also examine pre-incorporation contracts a little more closely.

Can the promoter be someone other than the founder of the business?

Although the term “Promoter” has not been defined in any law, it finds mention in a number of statutes for instance, the Substantial Acquisition of Shares Takeovers (SEBI) Regulation states that the promoter is:

(a) any person who is in control of the target company

(b) any person named as promoter in any offer document of the target company or any shareholding pattern filed by the target company with the stock exchanges pursuant to the listing agreement, whichever is later;

So the logical meaning of this is that although the promoter ordinarily means the person who started the company, in certain exceptional cases, it can even mean the person who is in control of the company even if he / she did not actually start the company.

“A promoter typically is responsible for raising capital, targetting initial leads and chasing initial business opportunities, entering into the initial contracts for the business formation and incorporating the company” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


Four ways to wear the street style

street style

Four ways to wear the street style choose the one for you!

If you define the downtown area as your favorite, then the famous street style works perfectly for you, this look combines super comfort clothing for you to walk down the streets without any difficulty. These are the most actual ways of adopting this look:


Definitely, square t-shirts are a must have on every closet. It is so easy to combine them with denim jeans and casual tennis on grey color, since this is a neutral color, the focus will be the upper part of your body.


There are a lot of ways to combine blazers and this is one of our favorites. The reason? This is the perfect match between the fancy touch and the versatility of a shirt. Jeans, boots and a watch on the same tone will bring the final fancy finish.


Working does not necessary means to wear a t-shirt. This proposal is a proof of that since a t-shirt will give a bold look, because let’s face it, combine blazers and t-shirts is something that most men know how to do it very well; but, how many will take the risk of changing it?


Denim, denim, and more denim. Build outfits using the same fabric do not have to be boring, the secret is to mix the shades and patterns, this way you will create a perfect harmony to highlight the most important: you. There are different shoe options; you might go for a camel shoes or dark blue tennis shoes.

As you can notice, these are alive outfits that will make you look masculine regardless the occasion.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim is a street style follower , “Having a maquila business makes you follow the latest trending, and this look is always on everybody’s outlook because we need to adopt any changes in order for our styles to be updated on the fashion market”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Information about jeans

information about jeans

Interesting information about jeans

Jeans have some very interesting information that you might have not even heard about, but today we will tell you those little details you did not know.

“Jeans have a long history, so it has many stories to tell, every time this garment evolves, it keeps accumulating history, and nowadays it is one of the most wanted type of clothes in the whole world”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Here are some interesting facts that you might have not heard about until today:

  • The oldest pair of jeans that has survived as of today belongs to Lev’s brand and it is kept on a fireproof vault in San Francisco, California.
  • Jeans were originally manufactured as uniforms for workers at the United States.
  • Before jeans were known as so, they were known as overalls.
  • Jeans became popular when US soldiers starting wearing them when they were not dressed on their uniforms, during World War II.
  • The less you wash your jeans, the more they will last, so if they are not dirty, hang them outdoors so they refresh and try to wash them as little as possible.
  • The most common mistake done when buying jeans is picking the incorrect size.
  • Back on the 50’s, jeans were prohibited in schools, restaurants and theaters as they were considered a symbol of rebellion.
  • The color that was used originally was indigo only as it was darker and it could hide better dirt.
  • Every person owns an average of 7 pair of jeans.
  • Nowadays, 50% of the total production of jeans is done in Asia, mainly at China, Bangladesh and India.
  • Skinny jeans are not entirely done with cotton only, there is a mix of cotton and elastane which gives them their famous texture.

“Jeans are ideal to wear during all year long, which is an advantage that does not possess any other garment, they are versatile, easy to combine and a garment that can be worn by people of all ages”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, current president of Grupo Denim.