Social networks

Social networks

Importance of social networks nowadays

Social networks have been modified so much that nowadays they perfectly work as an essential tool for communication, personal and professionally, as the enterprises have taken advantage of them to enjoy their benefits.

“We all now use the social networks more than ever, they help us communicating faster with our customers and vendors in different parts of the world”, advised the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Some of the most common social networks nowadays are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin and they have left behind the traditional media, such as radio and television.

In the past, whenever a group of people disagreed on something, they were listened by organizing protest marchs, but nowadays the great difference is that the whole planet can know about it almost immediately using the social networks.

The social networks have also helped on natural disasters, as they warn a population of a hurricane, earthquake, floods and you can easily confirm your state by entering in one of your social networks to contact your relatives, something impossible a few decades ago.

Enterprises are now reporting better results by using the social networks as well, as they are an excellent option to discover new products and to find new offers.

At least an 84% of the online consumers use social networks, and Facebook is the most important one as of today, with an impressive 85%, followed by Twitter.

Marketers also used these networks to find information in an easier way and to help them improving their sales.

“The social networks are nowadays more important than we might think, not only to see what other persons are doing, but it is also a source of information to look for ideas, find new customers and make any business grow up”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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