Jeans For Muscular Legs

muscular legs

Jeans For Muscular Legs On Women

Finding the perfect fitting jeans is always a tough task on its own, but it can be made much more difficult if you are one of those ladies that has muscular legs from sports or body building. More and more ladies are taking up sports which develop muscle growth in the thighs and calves and plenty more are heavily into body building, which develops the muscle tone even more. All of this makes jeans too tight in the legs and too baggy in the waist, creating fit issues which are a nightmare.

You can see a few ideas below so you don’t have to miss out. Happy shopping ladies and keep up the muscle building.

They engineered their jeans to accentuate the body shape, not just by making the waist smaller, adding more room to the thighs, butt and calves, but by revolutionizing how their patterns are made, the way the denim is sewn and more to achieve the ultimate fit. The denim itself is said to be soft, durable, and built from a revolutionary fabric, developed to withstand washing and retain its original shape. They are made to move with your body and be as comfortable as possible, so there’s no more restriction. You can see from some of the jeans above that they are cut and designed specifically for those ladies with extremely muscular legs so I think they will be ideal for those of you who are heavily into sports or body building.

These jeans are said to be made to fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for. They use superior denim designed to move in complete sync with your body, almost feeling like you’re wearing nothing, uses hybrid denim which stretches both ways so that it can complement smaller legs, while still easily stretching to accommodate larger legs as well.

“You don’t have to worry though, with these tips and tricks with regular denim that means that you can wear skinny jeans with your muscular legs” added Salomón Juan Marco Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Guess jeans, a symbol


Guess jeans, a symbol against sexual abuse

Denim day by Guess foundation was created 15 years ago, as a loud reaction case that made the whole world go into mayor indignation, a rapist was absolved because his victim was wearing an adjusted cowboy jeans. It was determined that because of the jeans being so adjusted, she needed to help her assailant to take them off. The jeans are America flag, and they become a symbol against this sentenced and from that day until today, we celebrate a day dedicated to prevent sexual abuse.

GUESS Foundation Europe is celebrating its first Denim Day on Spain on May 27th, supported by Foundation Ana Bella, an organization against the gender violence. Violence is present on life of many women that cannot be free because of the lack of money so they continue living with their aggressors. It is our duty to give education to our kids for them to learn and respect their couple and or sisters.

Following this, Guess invites on May 27 to wear jeans in order to show they are against violence and to collect money for the projects that could support the foundation.

Guess money is to Friend Program, which supports 80% of the victims that do not say a word about their situation. “Thanks to this program, we could get to 1,400 invisible women that are abused each year and help them to talk and get free from this violence; we act like a friend and help them individually by giving emotional support, finances and living. We use a lot the phone calls and our on line chats from Ana Bella APP to assist”, said the foundress of Ana Bella.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, thinks that this social change is making the people to be more sensitive. “Guess foundation promotes de social change that is needed to give opportunities to the people around the world in order to have a better life”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Shrink your Jeans

How To Shrink Your Jeans

How To Shrink Your Jeans

Whether you’ve lost weight or your favorite jeans have expanded in all the wrong places, learning how to shrink your jeans can turn a so-so pair into your favorite pair. Jeans will shrink width-wise before they shrink length-wise because of the way the fabric is woven, making it safe to shrink your jeans without fear of making them too short. Here’s everything you need to know about how to shrink your jeans for a perfect fit.

Here’s what you’ll need to shrink your jeans:

  • Washing machine or basin
  • Hot water
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Clothes dryer or pants hanger
  • Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (optional)
  1. Shrink your jeans with a washing machine.  Place your jeans in the washing machine on the smallest cycle and fill with hot water. Stop the cycle before the water drains, and allow the jeans to soak in the hot water for 10 minutes. Repeat this step again with fresh hot water to keep the temperature high.
  2. Shrink your jeans by hand. Fill a basin or your bathtub with 8 inches of boiling water and be careful to avoid splashing. Press the jeans in with a wooden spoon and stir gently to submerge the jeans completely. Allow to soak for 10 minutes, then repeat this step with fresh boiling water to sustain a high temperature.
  3. Shrink your jeans with a clothes dryer. Place the wet jeans in your clothes dryer and select the hottest setting to optimize shrinkage. Even after the jeans are dry, turn the dryer on again for another 15 minutes to increase the heat and shrink your jeans further.
  4. Shrink your jeans naturally. Hang your wet jeans with a pants hanger to dry in the sun or a warm bathroom. After several hours, when the jeans are only moist, put them on and wear them to mold the jeans to your curves. Avoid sitting on white surfaces that your moist jeans might stain.

“There are tricks you can use to shrink your jeans into a perfect fit that custom fits your special curves” said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Four ways to wear the street style

street style

Four ways to wear the street style choose the one for you!

If you define the downtown area as your favorite, then the famous street style works perfectly for you, this look combines super comfort clothing for you to walk down the streets without any difficulty. These are the most actual ways of adopting this look:


Definitely, square t-shirts are a must have on every closet. It is so easy to combine them with denim jeans and casual tennis on grey color, since this is a neutral color, the focus will be the upper part of your body.


There are a lot of ways to combine blazers and this is one of our favorites. The reason? This is the perfect match between the fancy touch and the versatility of a shirt. Jeans, boots and a watch on the same tone will bring the final fancy finish.


Working does not necessary means to wear a t-shirt. This proposal is a proof of that since a t-shirt will give a bold look, because let’s face it, combine blazers and t-shirts is something that most men know how to do it very well; but, how many will take the risk of changing it?


Denim, denim, and more denim. Build outfits using the same fabric do not have to be boring, the secret is to mix the shades and patterns, this way you will create a perfect harmony to highlight the most important: you. There are different shoe options; you might go for a camel shoes or dark blue tennis shoes.

As you can notice, these are alive outfits that will make you look masculine regardless the occasion.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim is a street style follower , “Having a maquila business makes you follow the latest trending, and this look is always on everybody’s outlook because we need to adopt any changes in order for our styles to be updated on the fashion market”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Information about jeans

information about jeans

Interesting information about jeans

Jeans have some very interesting information that you might have not even heard about, but today we will tell you those little details you did not know.

“Jeans have a long history, so it has many stories to tell, every time this garment evolves, it keeps accumulating history, and nowadays it is one of the most wanted type of clothes in the whole world”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Here are some interesting facts that you might have not heard about until today:

  • The oldest pair of jeans that has survived as of today belongs to Lev’s brand and it is kept on a fireproof vault in San Francisco, California.
  • Jeans were originally manufactured as uniforms for workers at the United States.
  • Before jeans were known as so, they were known as overalls.
  • Jeans became popular when US soldiers starting wearing them when they were not dressed on their uniforms, during World War II.
  • The less you wash your jeans, the more they will last, so if they are not dirty, hang them outdoors so they refresh and try to wash them as little as possible.
  • The most common mistake done when buying jeans is picking the incorrect size.
  • Back on the 50’s, jeans were prohibited in schools, restaurants and theaters as they were considered a symbol of rebellion.
  • The color that was used originally was indigo only as it was darker and it could hide better dirt.
  • Every person owns an average of 7 pair of jeans.
  • Nowadays, 50% of the total production of jeans is done in Asia, mainly at China, Bangladesh and India.
  • Skinny jeans are not entirely done with cotton only, there is a mix of cotton and elastane which gives them their famous texture.

“Jeans are ideal to wear during all year long, which is an advantage that does not possess any other garment, they are versatile, easy to combine and a garment that can be worn by people of all ages”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, current president of Grupo Denim.

Vintage jeans

Vintage jeans

Vintage Jeans Trend for 2016

You may have already seen how the vintage jeans take more popularity each day, becoming one of the most seen trends on the fashion parades and celebrities who love the 90’s look.

“The vintage jeans seem to become an important option for denim lovers who are always trying to get new styles, and they do not necessarily look for new designs, but they also like old fashion styles and adjust them to the present”, was the opinion of Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of a jeans manufacturer in Mexico named Grupo Denim.

Some of the most important brands of jeans have noticed this tendency to wear vintage jeans and have asked their designers to make more of these styles so they can put them into sale, as the trend is increasing crazily.

Some people did not fancy with vintage jeans years ago, and they are surprisingly changing their mind at the present, looking how this trend is more popular than ever, so they are looking for those jeans at the stores, trying to buy old but new designs.

Some designers are trying to make small but significant changes to the vintage jeans to make them more feminine and give them that modern fit look but keeping the vintage appearance and creating the perfect combination between old and new styles.

To go with this wonderful jeans trend, try to wear your vintage jeans with leather jackets and heels, I am sure you and the rest will love this style, you can also wear them with baggy sweaters, remember, these jeans are intended to have a similar style from the 90’s, so you can take ideas from the clothes and how they were worn on that decade.

“You can see more and more people wearing vintage jeans every day, as this is a great option for those persons who love to go with the actual fashion”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Tight jeans

tight jeans

Tips to wear your tight jeans

You might think tight jeans are part of a transient trend, but that is not entirely accurate, as these type of jeans are here to stay, and for this reason, it is important to know how to combine them to make your outfit look good, if you want to learn how to wear these pants during the day, just following the steps we will share with you this time.

“There are lots of different designs for jeans now, which makes it easier to find a type that will meet everybody’s styles”, says Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some advices to choose the best tight jeans for you:

  • Pick a color – Light colors and striking stamps will make your legs call for more attention, so make sure you wear them only if you are trying to get a funnier outfit. But, if you want your tight jeans to make you look skinner, then go for a darker color. If you want to look stylish and wear your tight jeans for work, pick the black ones.
  • Choose jeans of the right size – Jeans are made of denim, which is less flexible than other fabrics, so if you want your jeans to stretch out a little bit, have a pair of them made of denim and spandex, as they would give you the freedom to bend and move easily. Make sure your jeans are lose enough so you can move, but not so much that they will ruffle.
  • Select low, medium or regular fits – When you buy tight jeans, try each different fit so you can see which one fits you better, if your waist is wider, do not choose jeans too tight on the waist.
  • If you have a smaller waist, tight jeans are perfect are your waist will stand out and balance your legs and hips.

“Tight jeans come in different fits and fabric compositions so they would adjust to any type of bodies and the different washes and colors make them eligible for everyone”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.