Denim skirts and shirts

How to combine your denim skirts and shirts

Many women love denim and do not stop with jeans, but they also love skirts and shirts made with this material, and thinking about them, we will give you some tips today so you can adapt these garments and look classy.

Denim is considered as a “casual” type of fabric; however, when it is combined correctly, you can easily wear it anywhere and look sophisticated.

You will need to consider different factors to know which type of denim you should wear on your skirts and shirts, first of all, for Spring and Summer, you should always pick the lightest type of fabric, the less it wears, the easier it would be for you to wear these garments on hot days, and you can also pick different garments, such as short-sleeve shirts and mini-skirts.

If you are to wear your skirts and shirts made of denim on Fall or Winter, make sure the denim is heavier, that would make the garment hotter, and you will feel more comfortable with it, you should also make sure the skirt is longer and you wear long-sleeve shirts as well so they can protect you from low temperatures.

When you wear your denim shirts, you can unbutton them; just make sure you wear a top below of a contrasting color with your ankle boots.

If you want to go in the safe side, make sure you pick up a skirt and shirt made of the same shade, if you wear light blue denim, combine it with nude-color sandals, this is one of the best options for those hot days.

If you have some blue sunglasses, put them on, they are the perfect combination for your denim look.

Remember that accessories play a very important part on your outlook, so add bright ones to your look and you will call everyone’s attention.

“Skirts and shirts made of denim are taking much popularity as women are feeling comfortable with these two garments and they can either be combined together or with other clothes to make many different outfits”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.