Future robots already in our present

future robots

Future robots already in our present, will they take over?

During the past years we have being advised that at some point in or lives, robots or computers will take our jobs. Intelligent robots seemed to be a future thing but it is a fact now that machines have been taking control by replacing human hand work and those future robots are already in our present and they are becoming a trend.

Soon, a taxi won’t need a taxi driver, it will be autonomous, newspaper business won’t need journalist because there will be news filling software, there will be surgical robots so doctors will no longer be needed.

Talking about the textile industry we might think that designers could not be replaced by any robot because they are so creative and sensitive, skills and feelings that only a human being could have; but, artificial intelligence is also showing progress and there will be a time where computers might prove to be even more original than humans so designers will need to fit in that new era or they will need to change their profession.

Although it is hard to think that a computer could replace the feeling and hard work that a designers puts on every project, but they need to start thinking where they could fit in the textile industry when computers will take over.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, thinks that we cannot deny that sooner or later information age will be ruling the textile industry but that does not necessary means that the apparel business will no longer continue, it just will need to be adjusted as needed. “My legacy is to keep on supporting hand work as much as possible in order to keep our employees instead of purchasing machines. I know computers are a fact but we need to find a way to adapt our business to the new era and keep our workers at the same time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.