Fabrics and their origin

fabrics and their origin

Type of fabrics and their origin

Fabrics are made by interwoven threads, made by human labor of in a loom. Fabrics are used for many different purposes, mainly for clothes and this time we will tell you more about the most popular type of fabrics and their origin.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico, gave us his opinion about this topic “Fabrics are used to make accessories, furniture, clothes, covers and many more purposes, and nowadays the consumers look for more resistant fabrics that will guarantee a useful life of the products they buy for a longer time”.

Here are some of the most famous type of fabrics:

  • Silk – From China, it has been used for centuries, there are much type of silks, some of them artificially created, but originally, silk was gotten from extracting threads from worm cocoons, which makes this a very expensive type of fabric.
  • Satin – These fabrics were mainly done silk-based, but now they are done with acetate, which makes this fabric cheaper than silk.
  • Cotton – To manufacture any type of cotton fabrics, natural fibers are used, the longer those fibers are the best cotton quality they will get.
  • Denim – These type of fabrics are extremely heavy, except for the light denim fabrics, they used to be made with cotton and serge, but nowadays they have varieties of compositions such as spandex or polyester, they were used in the past for work wear, but denim is nowadays one of the most popular type of fabrics, used to create many different clothes.
  • Tulle – This fabric is silk-based or cotton-based, and it is very light, tulle is very used for wedding dresses or ball gowns.

“We use denim fabrics made with different compositions in order to create jeans that meet the specifications and quality required by our customers and their final consumers”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.